A green lawn is one of those treasured gifts of spring. It is a great reminder that the harsh winter has gone and a fresh new season has arrived. However, that soft, green, plush carpet doesn't just happen. It does take a little extra time and, in some cases, patience to make the brown transition to green.

Below are lawn care tips everyone can use to help this process along even if you don't consider yourself to have a green thumb:

Clean Up to Grow Up

The first thing you want to do is allow your lawn to breathe and enjoy the new rays of sunshine that spring affords.  Raking the dead clippings that lay on the ground will allow your new carpet of green to begin to peak through and receive the sunshine it needs. Dethatching or clearing away dead grass will also allow you to notice any moss build up which could indicate mold.

Testing Your Soil

When spring arrives and you begin to consider growing your new lawn, testing your soil for the appropriate nutrients should be first on the list. How does a person know the appropriate nutrient level for growing the green goddess? Your extension agency should be the first place to visit. This local office will gladly share all of the information you need in regards to the proper measurement. You can purchase a testing kit at your local hardware or department store at a very inexpensive price.

Feeding Your Gentle Giant

Just like a person's body needs the proper nutrients to grow so does your lawn. After completing the soil testing go and purchase the appropriate nutrients. Not sure what brand to purchase? When in doubt always ask a clerk at your local store or shop. They should be trained to assist with those types of questions.

Those Pesky Pests

Getting rid of those unwanted pests that can drain your yard not only of nutrients but also of the green carpet that lay before you is imperative. Walk around your yard and notice any fire ant hills that might be seen.  Grub worms and mole crickets can also be unwelcomed guests.  It's best to control this problem at the beginning of the season.

Finally, sharpen those blades and check the oil in your lawnmower and be ready for a spring and summer filled with your green paradise. Spring lawn care doesn't need to be something you dread. Quite the contrary, it should be something you look forward to because the payoff is definitely worth the effort.

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