The great part of decorating a living room with an eclectic theme is that you basically get to use any decorating piece that you love. Mixing different furniture types, fabrics, art work and other objects adds drama and interest to the room. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique.

Using What You Already Have - As you are establishing the design for your eclectic living room, think about going through your house to see what you already have that can be used as home decor. For example, if you have wooden shoes from Holland, they would make great bookends. If you have a collection of hats that you love, they would be great as wall hangings. Large serving trays can be turned into frames for photograph collections. In other words, think outside the box to create one-of-a-kind decorating ideas.

Selecting The Furniture - Think about using an Oriental futon for your sofa and using occasional chairs that complement it. For example, Mamasan or Papasan chairs or bentwood rockers would make great accompaniment pieces. To add a touch of whimsy to the room, think about installing a hanging wooden swing. Small nested tables for end tables would be a good addition because you could pull out the bottom ones to use in different spots to display home decor. 

Using Fabrics - One really good way to add to the eclectic mood you're setting is to incorporate different types of fabrics into the room. Are you familiar with Indian textile designs? They are made from Madder dye which gives an amazing bright red color to fabric. Traditionally, Indian textile designs featured botanicals, especially flowers of all types. They also include calico, gingham and chintz. All of these would make great throw pillows against the fabric on your sofa, or made into floor pillows for extra seating. If you have Indian scarves, they would be stunning draped over the back of a chair or used as a table runner. You can also purchase scarves and textiles, such as from Tara Design - Antique Indian Furniture And Art, to help you pull off this look.

The frosting on the cake in your eclectic living room would be to use objects from your travels. For example, a large brass Aztec combined with a Spanish mantilla and a collection of Chinese fans would be stunning as a wall grouping. Even things you've bought right in the United States would be great when combined in a unique way. For instance, Texas cowboy boots next to a wooden grizzly bear you might have bought in Colorado would be a very cute touch.