If you are looking for some patio furniture to spruce up your yard and give you a nice area where you can relax or entertain guests outdoors, then you may want to think about creating some of your own furniture. Making your own pieces can give you more control over the look of your patio area and make sure that you have furniture that meets your needs on a functional level. Follow the tips in this article to make some great pieces for your patio:

Make a milk stool

You can make a small milk stool for the corner of your patio. Not only can a milk stool be used for sitting, but they are also a great size to use as a stand for a medium sized potted plant or a small side table. They are also a good height to be used as a foot stool for your patio. To make a milk stool you will need to gather the following supplies:

  • A plastic bucket that's been cut in half so it's not as deep as normal
  • Fast setting cement
  • Three strong wooden sticks, about a foot and a half long each

To make the stool, you will need to prepare the fast setting cement and then pour it into the bucket. You want to pour it so it's at least three inches deep. This way, you know the stool is sturdy. Take the three sticks and put them in the cement at an angle so they go closer together as they enter the cement and flair out from it.

This way, the stool will be properly balanced when you turn it right side up. As soon as the cement is completely dry, you can take it out of the bucket, flip the stool and allow it to cure for about a week before using it. You can stain the cement and paint the legs to give it a look you like.

Make a tire table

You can very easily make a tire table for your back yard or your patio. Not only will this give you a sturdy table, but it also allows you to do something useful with those leftover tires laying around your property.

You can make a small table by setting a couple tires on top of one another and putting a round piece of wood or glass on top. However, if you like the idea of having a very large table in your yard or patio, you can use a few stacks of tires and a very large piece of glass or wood as a top. If you go with a wooden top, you can get very creative with its paint job. You can even paint it with chalkboard paint so everyone can have fun drawing on the table top while you are all spending time outside.

There are a lot of creative ways you can add to your yard or patio furniture, so you should always be on the lookout for pieces that you can use to make chairs, tables, flower pots or other pieces of furniture or decorations.