Adjusting to life in a long-term nursing care facility can be a difficult transition for a loved one. Your loved one will typically long for the comforts of home and will miss being surrounded by the things that are familiar to them.

Helping a loved one adjust to their new surroundings is an important part of the transition process. You can help your loved one adapt to their new environment easier by giving them gifts that will make their new room feel more like home.

A framed photo collage

It's likely your loved one had plenty of family photos in their home. Unfortunately, space in nursing facilities is very limited. Instead of cluttering up the dresser or nightstand with individual photos, purchase a couple of photo collage frames to hang on the wall.

Gather the photos your loved one had on display in their previous home. Sort through the photos with your loved one and let them choose their favorite pictures to include in the collage.

You may want to make one collage of family photos and another collage of pictures from favorite vacations or even a picture of your loved one's previous home, yard, and surroundings. Your loved one will be comforted by the familiar photos and will enjoy sharing them with the nursing staff and other residents.

Tea light candle holders

The flickering ambiance of a candle can help to ease your loved one's anxiety about being in a new place. It can also double as a nightlight for evening trips to the bathroom.

The small size of tea light candle holders makes them the perfect decorative item for small nightstands and dressers. You can find unique tea light candle holders online in a wide variety of designs. Look for whimsical styles that match the personality of your loved one. For instance, a candle holder in the form of a miniature tea cup will delight a tea connoisseur.

For safety reasons, regular candles are typically not allowed in nursing facilities. Always purchase battery-operated tea light candles to use in the holders. Look for ones with automatic timers. You can set the timer to come on and shut off at a specific time each evening.

A colorful quilt or afghan

Nothing brightens up a bed like a colorful quilt or a crocheted or knitted throw. Again, make your gift personal. Purchase a throw in your loved one's favorite color. If you can't find a throw in their favorite color, have one made especially for your loved one.

It's easy to get personal with quilts. Does your loved one like flowers, cats, antique cars, or a certain sports team? Fabrics are available in nearly any design imaginable and can be made into comforting quilts.

Not only will throws and quilts brighten the appearance of the room, they are also practical. Temperatures often fluctuate in nursing care facilities. A throw or quilt will be appreciated on those days when your loved one's room is chilly.

Watching a loved one adjust to life in a long-term care facility is never easy. Making their new environment feel more like home can make a huge difference in how well they adapt to their new surroundings. They will appreciate your gifts of comfort, and you will feel better knowing you are helping to make their transition a little easier.