Do the windows on your building have a few chips and you are trying to decide if replacing them is necessary? Depending on the size of the chips, it is possible that your windows can be repaired and made to look new. However, there are signs that you can look for that will let you know if replacing the windows is the best thing to do. Take a look at this article for a list of the signs that point to the windows in your building needing to be repaired or replaced.

1. The Window Frames Are Badly Damaged

If there are window frames that hold the panes in place are severely damaged, it might be time to invest in new windows. For instance, if your frames are made out of wood, you might notice peeling and cracks that is unable to be repaired. Metal window frames can become bent and rusty, which leads to less energy efficiency from the windows.

2. There are Numerous Large Chips in the Glass

A window contractor can usually repair small chips in window panes. However, large chips may not be able to get repaired to satisfaction, and it is in your best interest to get the panes replaced. Another bad thing about large chips in the glass is that cracks may eventually develop and make your windows easier to break. The spider web cracks on the chips will usually start off small, but can continue getting bigger.

3. Large Amounts of Air Comes Through the Panes

If you have noticed that the energy bills in your building are a lot higher than they used to be, it might be due to the air coming through your windows. The drafts coming through the glass might stem from the sashes being damaged. The sashes are the strips that are placed between each window pane. A window contractor can repair the sashes in most cases.

4. Condensation Between Window Panes

If you have notice that there is a lot of moisture and fog between the window panes, it is due to condensation. Basically, condensation can occur from seal failure and the possible need for new windows. Seals are vital for keeping the space between window panes filled with gas that creates a barrier against the transfer of heat. Broken seals lead to windows not being able to insulate the building as good as they should. Make an appointment for a contractor to inspect your windows and determine if they should be repaired or replaced. Visit for more information.