If your home has a small bathroom, you most likely feel a bit claustrophobic when you spend time inside. Doing some remodeling to the room can be beneficial in increasing the feeling of space without doing a large amount of renovations in the process. Here are some easy ways to make a small bathroom feel as if it is larger without breaking the bank.

Swap The Color Scheme For Lighter Shades

When a room is decorated in dark colors, it will feel smaller than a room decorated in lighter shades. If your bathroom is currently composed of darker hues, consider giving it a new paint job or adding light-colored tiles to the walls and floors to instantly help it feel larger. Purchase new towels and bathmats in white, beige, or peach to keep the room uniform. 

Increase The Amount Of Lighting In The Room

Instead of using an overhead light in your bathroom, opt for wall lighting to illuminate the room more effectively. The lighting will amplify your light-colored walls and floor, making the room feel big even during nighttime hours. During the day, be sure to keep curtains or blinds open so as much natural light as possible will be let into the area.

Ditch The Shower Curtain For A Glass Enclosure

If you have a shower curtain in a solid color or print, consider looking into having glass shower doors installed in its place. These doors will not only increase the amount of space you view when you are in the room, but will also help keep moisture contained. They are also a great enhancement to make your bathroom appear pleasing. If glass doors are not in your budget, switch your curtain for a clear one. This will still give the room the appearance of more square footage without a paying a high price tag to get it.

Make Changes To Storage Options To Increase Floor Space

One way to increase the space available in your bathroom is to remove any cabinetry underneath your sink. Instead, opt for shelves in the room to hold your items. This will make your floor area larger, helping to trick the mind into thinking the space is larger than it really is. Place decorative baskets or crates in the room to hold belongings instead of using cabinets. Removing a linen closet door will also create the illusion of more space inside of your bathroom.

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