If you enjoy utilizing your backyard patio for barbecues and family get-together time, keeping pests out of the area is most likely a concern you need to deal with. Rodents, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds tend to hang around areas near the home in an attempt to get a scrap of food to eat should someone leave leftovers behind. If you intend on using your patio for entertaining purposes, some steps will need to be taken to ensure pests do not become a problem. Try these tips to keep your outdoor area free of nuisances during warmer months.

Use The Power Of Sound To Scare Pests Away

Many smaller animals and birds will shy away from an area where sounds are present. They will likely stay away from your patio while you are using it, but may hang around during times you are not outdoors. To help keep your patio free of droppings, bacteria, and debris left behind by nuisance pests, consider using a set of wind chimes in the area. This will provide patio users with delightful tones whenever the wind picks up. Small animals and birds, however, will find the sound to be frightening and will stay away from your patio altogether. Consider a wooden or metal wind chime for pleasing sounds. You can buy wind chimes online and check out many different types and styles.

During warmer months when your patio will be used often, think about placing speakers in nearby windows so you can pipe out music during daytime hours. Those using the area will enjoy the tunes heard and pests will be more apt to stay away from the area while music is playing.

Add Some Frightening Sights To The Area

Small pests will stay away from spots where they feel they are threatened. Placing plastic predatory birds or snakes near your patio will aid in scaring pests away. Stick one or two plastic hawks or owls in a nearby tree and set a few rubber snakes on the ground along the perimeter of your patio. Alert guests about these additions so they are not frightened themselves, should they view them. Pests will move on to other areas as they will be afraid of becoming a meal if they get to close to your patio. 

Shiny items also work well at scaring birds, gophers, and mice away from your patio. Use a shiny foil sun visor to cover your barbecue, nail some compact discs to the bottoms of tables and chair legs, or hang shiny metal wind chimes or other yard decor in trees near the patio to keep pests at bay.