As temperatures drop, mice will see your home as a perfect hotel for the winter. A warm environment and all the food they want will have them trying anything to get through the door. But if you take precautions in the fall and stay on top of the potential problem in the winter, you'll have a home free of little rodent invaders. Read on for some tips on how to keep mice out of your home in the winter.

Weatherproof Your Home

In the autumn, do a perimeter check of your home. Look for tiny cracks and holes in the foundation, keeping in mind that mice need only a hole the size of a dime to slip through. Search your basement during the daylight, and look for cracks where daylight shines through. It's also a good idea to feel for moving air, which can indicate a crack. Think of this process as an energy-saving measure that also will deter pests. 

Winterize Your Yard

Weeds, tall plants, and fall leaves left on the ground provide havens for mice. If you allow this type of vegetation to build up near your home's entrances, mice will hang out in the vegetation, just waiting for the chance to dart in your house when you leave the door open for a moment. Remove fallen leaves, get rid of weeds, and trim tall plants before freezing temperatures hit. 

Close the Door

Everyone in your home should be mindful of open doors, including garage doors. If you leave garage and house doors open, you're asking for mouse trouble. Closing the front door between trips to the car for grocery bags may seem like a pain, but you'll save yourself a headache in the long run.

Eliminate the Buffet

If you leave food out, mice will see that as an open invitation to come eat. Clear the dinner dishes before going to bed and be sure to wash any dishes left in the sink. Food packages in cupboards should be sealed, as should pet-food containers. Take care if your pet's food dish is left on the ground. It should be clean, or it could attract hungry mice. 

Mice are wily creatures and might get in your house despite these precautions. If you have an uninvited guest in your home, call your local pest-control services company, perhaps Bisaillon's Rid All Termite & Pest Solutions. There are over-the-counter pest deterrents that work, but these could also drive mice into the walls. Mice also can carry disease, so if you live with someone who is very young, very old, or ill, it's best to leave a mouse problem to the professionals.