If you've got exposed wood beams or large wood doors, you may want to showcase a rustic look in your home. This is a deceptively easy decision to make, because once you're done getting throw rugs and pillows, it can be hard to know what additional things you can do to bring out a truly rustic feel. You may be overlooking the following simple touches.

Use Decorative Straps on the Doors

A quick way to make your house seem rustic and old-fashioned is to purchase decorative straps and use them to support the hinges on your wood doors. These straps are generally made of iron or steel and reach across the door. Straps come in many styles, and if you like, you can get them in many different colors. To create a striking look, it's smart to select straps that will provide a visual contrast to the wood door where you plan to mount them.

It's also a good idea to think about more than the interior space; if you've got a barn-style garage door, decorative straps could also be suitable for that door. Just be sure that you select straps that are coated properly in order to withstand rain, sun, and different temperatures as they are exposed to the elements.

Make Use of Clavos

Clavos, or decorative metal nails, can also be used in creative ways throughout your home. You might want to pair them up with the decorative straps, or you may just want to create a distinct pattern, lining them up in a line or a shape on your wood beams. Clavos can be acquired in many sizes, so you can make as big or as subtle a statement with them as you like. You can choose clavos that have pyramid or diamond heads or keep it simple by choosing round heads.

Opt for Metal Drawer Handles

To make your drawers and cabinets more harmonious with the look you're trying to accomplish, you might want to switch out the wood or plastic drawer handles you've got and replace them with steel or iron drawer handles. This will make your cabinets and drawers better match the clavos and straps you might be using.

Using the tips brought up in this article can allow you to put the finishing touches on the rustic look you want. You may want to ask local builders if they've got additional ideas that could make the space even better.