Having a gutter system on your home is ideal for most areas where there is a lot of rain and you want to make sure that rain drains properly. One of the issues that some homeowners have with attached gutter systems are the downspouts. These are the areas that take the water from the gutters, move it down, and out to a drainage area. Unfortunately, some people face that the irrigation in their yard is not suited and the water flows to fast to be absorbed. This is where copper rain chains come in. Here is what you need to know about this downspout alternative.

Breaking the Water Flow

One of the main reasons that people may use copper rain chains as an alternative to their gutter system downspout is to break up the water into smaller flows. In general, copper rain chains offer a few styles that range from simple chain links or patterns to copper cups separated by chains. The water flows from the gutter into the first cup and then as that cup fills, it overflows into the next, and continues until it finally hits the ground. This is ideal if your ground does not absorb water flow easily or quickly since the slower pour allows time for the ground to absorb the water instead of causing a standing pool.

Multiple Lengths

You may be concerned about finding the right length of rain chain for your needs. Most copper rain chain manufacturers make their chains in a starter length with the ability to add more cups and chain links to the system. This allows you to create the specified length you need for your needs. You can stop the chain a few feet from the ground, or you can have it touch the ground depending on your needs for the water flow.

Multiple Designs

Unlike their traditional downspout counterparts, copper rain chains offer the ability to be attractive. In fact, most people will go to great lengths to hide their traditional gutter system downspout by flushing it against the wall of the home, making it the same color of the home, or doing something similar to have it blend in. Copper rain chains are meant to be something to show off. For this reason, you can find them in several designs and patterns. You can even find some that have eye catching accessories, such as colored stones and designs along the chains.

By keeping these three key points about copper rain chains and their use as an alternative gutter system downspout in mind, you can make a better decision as to if they are good for your needs. You may also find that you want more than one, or that you want to create your own depending on the available options local to you.