A canvas canopy can do the hard job of keeping water and sun off your patio. In the summer, you can sit beneath the canopy and enjoy the fresh air without having to worry about a sunburn. And in the spring, you can sit beneath the canopy and stay dry, even if there's an April shower going on. But if you want your canopy to keep serving you well, then you need to take good care of it. Here are some tips.

Let it dry before rolling it back up.

Assuming you have a roll-up canopy, you should make sure you let it dry before rolling it back up to store it. Most canopies are treated to resist algae and mold growth, but these treatments can only do so much, and a wet canopy that is rolled up may eventually begin growing mold. If it's raining and your canopy gets wet, it is best to just leave it extended until the rain ends and the canopy has had a day to dry.

Remove it and scrub it once a year.

Once a year, remove the canopy from the home, spread it out, and give it a good scrub-down. Spray the canopy with water, and then apply a mild detergent. (Dish soap will work just fine and is inexpensive.) Scrub with a brush to remove any remnants of dirt, and then spray the canopy off with water again.

Apply a UV-resistant coating.

After your canopy is clean, let it dry for a day, and then spray it down with a new layer of UV-resistant coating. Many canopy manufacturers sell a UV coating made specifically for their brand, but you can also find good-quality, off-brand ones. Make sure to read the instructions closely. Most need to be applied in two coats with a waiting period of an hour or two between coats.

Keep trees away from it.

To keep your clean and protected canopy from suffering tears and other damage, make sure you do not let any tree branches near it. Trim back any trees that are near the canopy, including those that tower over it. (You don't want a branch to fall on the canopy, either, as its weight could cause a tear.)

With the tips above, you can keep your canvas canopy in great condition for years to come. Reach out to a canopy manufacturer such as EVANS AWNING if you'd like more specific tips and advice.