Having an audio/visual system installed at your place of business will enhance your ability to communicate with people whether in-house or overseas. There are many components that go into an audio/visual system, with display components arguably being most important. Here are a few display options to consider having installed as part of your AV system.

Digital Displays

This is the most basic type of display option that can be installed as part of an audio/visual system. They look like large television screens that can be hung on a wall or set up on a stand. They're designed to deliver clear, crisp video streaming so it feels like you're sitting in the same room with whoever you may be meeting with through the Internet.

Digital displays can also be used to display information such as graphics and slideshows during in-house meetings or at business events that you may host throughout the year. These displays can also be used to display things such as announcements and schedule changes so employees stay on the same page.

Interactive Whiteboards

If you plan to use your audio/visual system to train employees or teach investors about your business, you should consider having an interactive whiteboard installed. Interactive whiteboards can be used in tandem with laptops or tablets, making it possible for everyone in the room to interact with the whiteboard when necessary.

For example, you can poll everyone in the room, and multiple teachers or coaches can use the whiteboard simultaneously to train a group of employees. In short, interactive whiteboards can be used just like a chalkboard, but you won't have to worry about stocking chalk and erasers or calling people up to the board one-by-one in order to participate in the interactions.

Multi-Display Walls

This option is really just a combination of the other options above. Display walls feature multiple whiteboards and video displays to create a large presentation suitable for company banquets, trade shows, and other large events. Each display shows something different, so you can share multiple pieces of information at once.

Display walls can be used to livestream different people from around the world so they can all be seen by your event participants simultaneously. Each display can be used on its own, too, so you can use your display wall for smaller events, training sessions, and meetings when the need arises.

Schedule a consultation appointment with your audio/visual installation crew today to see your display options in action before deciding which components to have installed as part of your AV system.