Quartz countertops are often sought after because of the flexibility they offer, in that homeowners do have the option to install this countertop material in any room of the home, including the bathroom. However, while the material is flexible, a decision to install this material in the bathroom does come with some considerations if you want to keep the material looking good.

Act Fast on Spills

A spill in the bathroom is inevitable, and fortunately, given the durability of this material, it does not have to mean the end of your beautiful countertops. However, you do need to act somewhat quickly. The longer a stain, such as makeup, remains on the surface, the more likely it is for the stain to penetrate and leave behind a permanent mark. Making it a habit to clean up these materials as soon as possible can help you avoid this problem. 

Use an Alternative Cleaner

When you clean your bathroom, it is important that you use an alternative option for your countertops. You do not want to use the same materials that you use to clean your flooring or your shower. The problem with these cleaners is that they often have harsh chemicals in them that can strip some of the natural shine from the material and make it appear dull. Use a cleaner made exclusively for quartz.

Clean Regularly

Once you have an appropriate cleaner, you also want to make it a habit of cleaning the countertops regularly. Similar to wiping up highly staining materials quickly, cleaning regularly is also important as it prevents even minorly-staining materials from causing damage to the countertops. Ultimately, cleaning often helps to extend the lifespan of the countertops, which saves you money in the long run. How often you need to clean depends on how often you use the space, but every two weeks is a great starting point. 

Avoid Abrasive Items

You should also make it a point to avoid using abrasive items on the countertop, or at the very least, use some form of protection. For example, if you curl your hair every day, avoid placing the hot iron directly on the surface as it can eventually burn it and leave permanent damage. Using a heat-safe mat would be best. If you have any sharp tools like razors or scissors, you should be careful about scrapping them across the countertop.

Quartz countertops are built to last for a long time, but in order to accomplish this goal, make sure you do your part. Contact a supplier like Old World Stone to learn more about potential quartz countertops, including Cambria countertops.