Whether you are furnishing your first apartment or just bought a new home that needs to be furnished, walking into the furniture store can feel a little intimidating when you see all the choices available. With so many options to choose from, you may wonder where to even start. Following a few tips will help you navigate the furniture store with confidence.

Determine your style

The first step to choosing a furniture style is to determine if you want a cohesive look in every room or if you want to mix and match styles. For instance, if you want to keep the entire home a modern farmhouse style, you can narrow down your choices just to that style of furniture. However, if you want each room to have a unique style, you will need to determine which specific style you want for each room prior to shopping to make sure you get the exact look you want.

Determine the mood for each room

What vibe do you want to create in your living space? Do you want a kitchen that exudes energy and happiness and a living room that is cozy?  Is it important for you to create a bedroom that promotes a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere?

Bold colored furniture will create a happy and energetic feeling in a room. Soft colors and furniture with wooden accents make a room feel cozier. Weathered woods and rustic furniture styles can create a comforting look in the bedroom.

Choose the main pieces first

Once you know your style and the mood you want for each room, start by selecting the main piece of furniture for each room. For instance, a sofa for the living room, a table for the kitchen, and the bed for a bedroom. Build around these main pieces by choosing accent pieces that complement or contrast the main pieces of furniture to create the look you desire.

Keeping your eye on the main pieces of furniture will help you visualize how the finished room will look. Creating your own furniture grouping, instead of purchasing a ready-made grouping, gives you the freedom to design your own unique look and allows you plenty of room to unleash your creativity.

The secret to furnishing your living space with confidence is to establish a few guidelines before you head to the furniture store. Having a game plan in hand will help you avoid common furniture mistakes and help you select the furniture that will work best for your lifestyle. Contact a local home furniture store to learn more.