Keeping weeds under control is an important part of maintaining your yard because weeds make a lawn unsightly. They have a different shape than grass, and they can grow at different rates and be an eyesore. Getting rid of weeds may not be easy once they've taken control of your yard, but it can be done. Whether you're trying to eliminate or prevent weeds, consider hiring a weed control service so you get the best results. Here are important steps in weed control.

Use Pre-Emergent Weed Killer

Weeds grow all year as long as the weather is suitable. Your weed control service may apply pre-emergent weed killer in the fall and spring to kill weeds that flourish in the fall and to prevent weeds from taking over in the spring and summer.

Pre-emergent weed killer keeps weed seeds from sprouting, so the herbicide is effective at keeping weeds at bay. These herbicides can be applied with a sprayer or by spreading around granules.

Have Spot Herbicide Treatments Applied

If you take good care of your lawn, you might keep weeds at bay with pre-emergent treatments and proper mowing. However, when weeds pop up, you should have them removed before they spread. You can probably do this yourself if you only see a few weeds, but if weeds have already spread through your lawn, you may want to call a weed control service for help.

Spot treatments might involve pulling the weeds up by the roots and planting grass seeds in their place or spraying the weeds with herbicide directly.

Mow Your Yard Properly

Mowing your lawn is much more than cutting it when it gets too high so the neighbors don't complain. Mowing is about keeping your grass healthy so your grass can compete with weeds and win. If you don't have time to maintain your yard, consider hiring a lawn care company to do it for you.

Mowing more frequently in the spring is often a good idea so the grass is triggered to grow in strong and to spread. However, you'll want to mow with the blade on high so your grass doesn't get too short.

When grass growth slows down, you might mow less frequently, but it's still important to maintain a regular mowing schedule so weeds can't develop seeds that are then spread when you mow.

Regular watering, seeding, and fertilizing your lawn is important too, because the healthier your grass is, the better it can crowd out weeds and provide natural weed control.

To learn more, contact a professional weed control service in your area.