When you visit your local lumber supplier to assess the stock, you'll often see lumber that is identified as "FAS." This acronym stands for "first and second," which means that it's graded to be very high. FAS lumber is often easily recognizable because it's smooth and straight. This type of lumber will typically cost more than other types, but you may find that the cost is well worth it because of the look of each piece. There are several different ways that you can use FAS lumber around your home. Here are three projects that you can consider.


If you enjoy woodworking and love the look of wood shelving, building some shelves yourself instead of buying them can be a project you wish to take on. Given that the shelves will be visible in rooms such as your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, you'll want to choose high-grade lumber that looks good. FAS lumber is ideal for these projects — not only because it will look good, but also because you won't have to do an excessive amount of sanding or other work to give the wood the look that you desire.

Decorative Pieces

Wood can be a good choice for a variety of decorative pieces around your home. For example, you can buy a clock mechanism, and then install it in a large wall clock that you've made of wood. If you have a creative mind and you're keen on building some wooden decorative pieces to display throughout your home, FAS lumber will be a good place to start. You can find this grade of lumber in many different types of wood, so you won't have trouble finding the wood that will give your decorative project the look that you want.


A lot of people buy tongue-in-groove wood for wainscoting, but this isn't your only option. If you favor something different, using conventional lumber can be a good choice. You'll want to use FAS lumber for this project, as doing so will ensure that the wainscoting has a stylish appearance. You have several different options to consider, including choosing one type of wood for the entire project or perhaps going with a couple different types of wood and alternating them in a pattern. Visit your local lumber supplier to evaluate its selection of FAS lumber. You'll typically find all sorts of types of wood, as well as sizes, to use for your various projects.